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Los Angeles Review of Books Through A Gen-X Lens: A Conversation With Meghan Daum

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New York Times Sunday Review Childless By Choice, by Michelle Huneven

Elle On the Liberating, Isolating Choice Not To Have Kids, by Courtney Hodell

Marie Claire Why I Decided Not To Have Kids, by Anna Holmes

Cosmopolitan Why I Don't Believe In Maternal Instincts, by Laura Kipnis

Dame You'd Be Such a Good Mother If Only You Weren't You, by M.G. Lord



The National Post, Canada Meghan talks with reporter Sarah Boesveld

Minnesota Public Radio Meghan talks to MPR host Kerri Miller

CBC Radio -- Q Changing the Conversation About Childless Adults

Chatelaine Magazine I Don't Want Kids and It's Not Because I'm Selfish

Jezebel Talking to Meghan Daum about Childlessness by Choice, Selfishness

PRI's The Takeaway Meghan talks with host John Hockenberry

Slate's "Mom and Dad are Fighting" Podcast Meghan talks with hosts Allison Benedikt and Dan Kois

Slate's Live from Politics & Prose Podcast Meghan in conversation with Elliott Holt and Sandra Beasley

WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show Interview with Tim Kreider and Meghan Daum

Flavorwire Is It "Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed" Not To Have Kids?

The Huffington Post Meghan Daum Talks "Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed" And Being Childless By Choice"

The Krys Boyd Show, KERA, Dallas, Meghan talks with host Krys Boyd

Los Angeles Review of Books Radio Hour Meghan talks with Seth Greenland, Tom Lutz and Laurie Winer Four Women, Age 30-45, Have the Other Conversation About Choice 

The LitUp Show Podcast Meghan talks with Emily Gould and Angela Ledgerwood

PBS Newshour We Need To Talk About Why We Don't Want Kids


Reviews & discussions

The New York Times Book Review Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed, reviewed by Kate Bolick

The Boston Globe Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed, reviewed by Saul Austerlitz

The Atlantic Why Women Aren't Having Children

Brain Pickings Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed: Writers On The Choice Not To Have Children

The Millions Beyond Binaries: On Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed

The Millions The Uneasy Woman: Meghan Daum, Kate Bolick and the Legacy of Ida Tarbell

The Daily Beast Childless by Choice: Shallow And Self-Absorbed Or Just Awesome?

Pacific Standard Single, Childless And Empowered

Publisher's Weekly "heart wrenching . . . downright hilarious"

New York Times, Women in the World Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed? Not So Fast

The Province I Don't Have Kids of My Own, And That's Okay

Irish Times Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed, reviewed

Buzzfeed Five Great Books to Read in April

Commentary Childless! By Choice!

Maclean's Kid Haters? Hardly. In Defense of Childlessness

The Guardian Why Do We Still Have the Justify the Choice to be Childfree? 

Commonweal Deciding Not To Have Children

The Rumpus Selfish, Shallow & Self-Absorbed

The New York Times Sunday Style Section No Kids For Me, Thanks


News and Press for The Unspeakable



The Guardian Long Read "All About My Mother," an excerpt from The Unspeakable

The New Yorker "Difference Maker," an excerpt from The Unspeakable

Marie Claire "I Am Not a Foodie," an excerpt from The Unspeakable

The Dinner Party Download podcast, Meghan reads an excerpt from The Unspeakable essay "On Not Being a Foodie"



The New Yorker Not Getting With The Program: An Interview with Meghan Daum

New York Magazine, The Cut  Meghan Daum On Writing What Nobody Will Say

The Guardian Meghan Daum: "I don't confess in my work -- that implies guilt."

All Things Considered, NPR For One Essayist, "The Unspeakable" Isn't Off Limits

Air Talk, KPCC Meghan Daum on writing "The Unspeakable" from motherhood to catcalling

The Other People Podcast Meghan talks to Brad Listi of The Nervous Breakdown

The Riveter 2.5 Minutes with Meghan Daum

Kirkus Interview with Meghan Daum

Bookforum  Bookforum Talks with Meghan Daum The Meghan Daum Interview

Shelf Awareness Book Brahmin: Meghan Daum

The Daily Beast Meghan Daum on Tackling the Unspeakable Parts of Life

Salon Meghan Daum on Rolling Stone, Personal Essays and Internet Culture

The Stranger Meghan Daum on the Dubious Enterprise of Personal Essays and Other Unspeakable Topics

The Longform Podcast  Meghan Daum interviewed by Max Linsky

The New York Times Book Review Podcast, December 14 edition Meghan Daum interviewed by Pamela Paul 

The Los Angeles Review of Books, Jan 2, 2015. Meghan Daum interviewed by Dinah Lenney

KVNO News, Univ of Nebraska - Omaha Writers Workshop interview with Meghan Daum, interviewed by Anna Monardo



The New York Times " . . . among the best personal essayists of a searching, cynical generation thats lucky to have her."

The New York Times Book Review  "There is no doubt Daum is a brilliant, incisive essayist. I would follow her words anywhere."

The New York Times Book Review   " . . . Daum's powers as one of the most exacting, mercilessly candid, deeply funny and intellectually rigorous writers of our time are on glorious display." (Cheryl Strayed, on her favorite book of the year.)

Huffington Post, Best Books of 2014

Entertainment Weekly, Ten Best Nonfiction Books of 2014

Entertainment Weekly  "Thank goodness The Unspeakable exists to keep you company."

Brainpickings  "A sublime read in its entirety."

The Millions  "Her writing in these essays is finer than it's ever been."

Slate  "There is a beautiful sway in these essays in and out of self-awareness."

Salon  " . . . Meghan Daum forged a new genre of confessional writing."

Boston Globe " . . . her prose is shot through with elegant and very funny observations." 

Los Angeles Times "  . . . a master of the bold admission."

Mother Jones "  . . . a slightly more restrained David Sedaris… Meghan Daum comes off as  humorously dysfunctional and occasionally deranged."

Los Angeles Review of Books "  . . . delightful and radiantly intelligent."

Los Angeles Magazine "Triumphant . . she manages to broach each controversial topic -- be it cream of mushroom soup casserole or her mother's death -- with an enviable exactitude that will have you thinking that you couldn't have said it better yourself. (You couldn't have.)"  

Los Angeles Magazine Quick Read ". . .  a sharp reminder of what a gift to the city [Daum] is."

Refinery 29   "Meghan Daum might just be the new Joan Didion: a whip-smart, incisive, and often hilarious cultural commentator whose personal essays will stand the test of time. Better pay attention."

Flavorwire  " . . . penetrating, difficult, and capable of great moments of connection and honesty."

More "A collection of alarmingly sharp-eyed essays."

People  " . . . fiercely intelligent . . . it's impossible not to wince, laugh -- and relate." 

Other News

I Nearly Died: So What?, The New York Times Sunday Review, November 16, 2014

Behind the Cover Story: Meghan Daum on the Confessions of Lena Dunham, The New York Times online, Sept 15,  2014

My Misspent Youth, Longform reprint of 1999 essay from The New Yorker


Old News

Interview with Meghan on The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast, January 13, 2012

Interview with Meghan on The Adam Carolla Show podcast, May 13, 2010

Meghan Daum's Manifest Destiny, New York Observer, November 7, 2005