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Meghan's column has been running on the LA Times op-ed page since 2005. Below you will find a sampling of columns from past years. All of this year's columns can be found here. You can sign up to receive it via email by clicking here

These days the column runs three weeks per month, usually on Thursdays. 


February 20:  Belgium's Human Stance on Dying Kids

June 5:  Misogyny and the Co-Opting of the Isla Vista Tragedy

September 10: The New, Tiresome Culture of Outrage

October 8:  Brittany Maynard's Date with Death

October 15:  Using "Privilege" as a Weapon

November 13:  Is The War Between Women Diverting from The War Against Women?

November 26:  The Real-life Bill Cosby Show: Follow the Sanctimony

December 3:  The University of Virginia Rape Rorschach Test


January 3: I Like Me, I Really Like Me! Why Facebook Is All About Bragging

May 16: The Gift of a Great Dog

July 11: Rethinking the Cleveland Kidnapping Narrative

August 1: Weiner, Filner: Therapy and the Art of Political Cleansing

August 6: Parenthood Optional

September 12: The Syria Dilemma: Can Global Atrocities Be Ranked?


January 26: Newt's Debt To Clinton

April 19: The Ann Romney Trap

July 12: The GOP's Palin Hangover

August 16: Helen Gurley Brown and the Limits of Stiletto Lib

October 18: Madonna's Tone Deaf Tattoo

December 20: Finally, It's Time for Gun Control


January 20: Amy Chua and the Eye of the "Tiger"

April 17: Why Sarah Palin Doesn't Get What She Deserves

June 16: Anthony Weiner's Inner Geekdom

July 21: The Marcus Bachmann Hypocrisy

November 10: Zygotes on a Slippery Slope


January 7: Octomom, "Hoarders" and Compulsion

January 28: Medicine, Hope and Managing Death

May 20: Sarah Palin, Feminist

November 25: A Medical Odyssey

December 2:  Back from the Brink


January 31: Eight is More Than Enough

April 25: Carrie Prejean sv. Perez Hiton

September 10: The Chador and Feminism Don't Always Fit

November 26: SkyMall: A Catalog With Altitude

December 9: John Marcotte: Defending Marriage by Denying Divorce


January 12: Hillary's Gotta Have It

March 8: Why We Still Need Clinton

May 17: The White Versus Off-White Election

May 31: In the Context of No Context

September 20: Straight Talk Expressed


February 10: I'm With Cupid

June 10: Dr. Death: American Icon

July 14: The Little Black Dress of "Responsibility"

September 8: Defending Jerry Lewis

September 29: If Alex the Parrot's a Genius, Why Not Me?


January 28: Harassed or Just Bummed?

February 25: Who's the Idiot Now?

August 5: The Dope In All of Us


September 20: What We Dug About Maynard

December 10: Shouldn't Men Have "Choice" Too?

December 17: Hooked on Howard's Vocal Vérité